1 Small Change to Make Being an Agent Easier on your Family…

As much as I love the spontaneity of real estate it can also rear it’s head at the worst of times.  My schedule is rarely my own and as much as I try my best to work specific hours, the demands of my clients (and their fear that the house which just hit the market will be gone by the morning) causes me to delay dinners, push back social gatherings and even miss out on my kid’s activities.  If you are lucky enough to have a patient spouse, you generally can get by with the occasional “change of plans” every so often.  There’s really no way to control these situations and at the end of the day, it’s part of the job.

As agents, we are lucky to have the opportunity to work our own hours but that doesn’t mean we aren’t accountable to our spouse or family.  There are plenty of appointments that I schedule days or weeks in advance, but waaaaay too many times I fail to inform my wife that I’m working later or earlier than usual.

She used to call me every day around 5pm and ask when I would be home. Although she was simply trying to gauge whether to make a marinated chicken breast (for me) or just chicken nuggets (for the kids), I interpreted it as her “pressuring me” to come home and forget about all of the work I had to get done.  What we lacked was good communication about my schedule. I feared telling her that I was working for the 3rd evening in a row so I wouldn’t tell her until the last minute (this is a bad technique guys) and she hated that she had no clue when I would be around.

So we made a simple change to how I work that has drastically improved the transparency of my busy life. That change was implementing Google Calendar.

google calendar

Google calendar is awesome and here’s a short list of the key benefits I receive:

  • Google Calendar syncs on my iPhone, iPad, Macbook instantly – wherever I am, I can schedule an appt online
  • I can invite people into my appointments – this ensures accuracy and we both “wrote down” the same time
  • I can set repetitive appointments – whether it’s weekly, monthly, annually, first tuesday of each month, every 3 weeks, etc, it’s all super flexible
  • I can keep multiple different calendars and view them all on the same calendar
    • A calendar for my traditional business
    • A calendar with my Nekst tasks
    • A calendar for my office meetings
  • Best of All – My wife can see my calendar on her smartphone!

As soon as I loaded my calendar onto my wife’s iPhone, she could see my schedule well in advance and plan around me.  I actually got better at scheduling family time alongside my business appointments.  We’ve added a ‘Family Calendar’ that we share and includes her appointments as well as any important family events.  I do my best not to schedule during these times.

Here are easy step by step instructions for launching Google Calendar for your Real Estate business.

Roll it out for yourself and reap the benefits. Happy wife = Happy life!

Nekst helps agents systematize their business so that their Real Estate Transaction Management efforts are more transparent and every detail is remembered.

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