Want To Just Hire A Coordinator?

Nekst Is Building An Army of Coordinators to Help You!

As easy as Nekst might be to use, some agents would rather just pay to outsource their closing to a compent transaction coordinator who can offer a tech platform to keep them up to speed with their transactions.

We want to help bring Coordinators and Busy Agents together so that transactions can run smoother and both parties can be more successful. 

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We will keep you updated as this service develops and seek feedback on how to best structure this program for you.

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Nekst Coordinator Q&A

Check out answers to some of the more common questions below. 

How much money will this cost me?

We are still working on finalizing the cost associated with hiring a coordinator. You do NOT need to have a paid Nekst account to use this service. The cost will be on a per-transaction basis with your first transaction being completely free!

What will the coordinator do?

The coordinator will be responsible for document collection & organization, following up with lender, title/escrow, ensuring all deadlines are met while keeping you and your client updated on the next steps of the closing process.

What will the agent do?

The agent is still responsible for all negotiations including the inspection, extensions (if applicable) and stepping in should the coordinator be unable to complete a task. Though the closing process can be customized, a coordinator is not a personal assistant.

Do the coordinators speak English?

All coordinators must be based in North America, have knowledge of real estate and preferably be located in the same state as the agent. We are actively seeking talented coordinators, join us! 

Do you handle listings? Marketing?

Right now, we are focused on being the best CLOSING coordinators in the industry. We will likely move to listings and marketing shortly thereafter.

How will I know what is going on?

Your free Nekst account will give you access into what your coordinator is doing from the day you go pending through to closing. You will be able to see comments left throughout the transaction be copied on emails sent to all parties of the transaction.

Same coordinator for every closing?

The goal is to train someone to know your business and be able to support you on each closing. But should workload not permit that, documentation on how to support you will be shared with any covering coordinator.

Is there a setup fee?

For new users, best practice is to spend 30 minutes getting to know your coordinator and reviewing processes in place with your office. There will be a small fee to cover this appointment and to compensate the coordinator for setting up a closing process custom to the way you work.