Nekst for Teams

Finally an app built for managing systems amongst real estate teams!

Nekst offers Task Assignment, Multiple Listing & Closing Plans, and complete transparency for any size team.


Here are some answers to the most popular questions

1. Can I assign tasks to a team member? YES!

  • Just because you have a large team, doesn’t mean you should pay for it!  Nekst will offer an unlimited number of team members on a team account.
  • Each morning, Nekst will email your team members the tasks which they are responsible for that day
  • Only the person assigned the task OR the account administrator will be able to complete tasks

2. Can I easily track what my team members are doing throughout the day?  Yes!

  • Nekst will feature a property history view so that you can see what has been done on both an individual property or the entire account
  • Using filters, anyone will be able to see what their other team members are doing
  • Easily find out what tasks are past due for any team member, right from your dashboard



3.  Is there a way I can keep track of communication within Nekst?  Yes!

  • Comments can be added by individual team members on any task to ensure proper communication, all in one place
  • General comments and transaction details can be stored in one place for easy access on each individual property
  • Using our new Followup Tasks, feedback from lenders and title companies will be automatically retrieved and stored in Nekst
  • Easily keep track of important deadlines and milestones using our ‘Key Date’ feature.


Click below to begin using Nekst today!

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