I get this question a lot, “How can I use Nekst with the other people on my team?”  Well, the good news is that we are coming out with a Team Version in a couple months.  In the mean time, here is a way to hack the existing software for use amongst teams.

First off, multiple people can be signed into Nekst at the same time.  So you, and your assistant, and your buyer agent can all use Nekst without kicking each other out.  Here are a couple ways to keep organized.

Option 1: Rename each task to begin with the person assigned the task – i.e. “Brandon – Drop off flyers at new listing” or “Sally – Follow up with lender to ensure loan is on track to close”.  This way, everyone can identify quickly which tasks each is responsible for.


Option 2: Add details in the comment box – This is more of a “free for all” where anyone can complete any task as long as they identify who they are in the Task Details section. As long as the task are getting done, typically it doesn’t matter who completes them.  OR, you generally know who is likely to complete each task anyways.


Hopefully this short term fix will hold you over until the new Team Pro version rolls out in a few months. Happy Neksting!


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