Stop Juggling. Start Automating.

In real estate, you can’t do everything. So while you focus on generating new business, Nekst
will help you manage your existing business. From client communication to mortgage loan
updates, Nekst provides the assistance you need to keep your clients happy and your deals
on track. Before you commit a large salary to a traditional real estate assistant, try Nekst.

Try Nekst!

Never Miss An Important Detail Again

Nekst doesn’t just keep track of your tasks and properties; it also will
notify you via email or text when each task comes due. We understand
that growing your business stems from demonstrating that you’re
organized and in control of your transactions. So use Nekst and never
forget an important detail again.



Let Nekst Increase Communication

Not only will YOU benefit from Nekst but so will your clients
and anyone else you invite into the transaction. You can share and assign
tasks for your clients to complete so they are fully aware of their next
steps along the way. Our NekstEd Guides will show them “how” to
complete a task while you determine when it’s due. And like you, they
will receive text or email notifications for their tasks; so they never miss
an important step.

Try Nekst!

Meet Your New Assistant

A personal assistant helps you organize your day… so does Nekst!

A personal assistant communicates the next steps for your clients to take… so does Nekst!

A personal assistant follows up with Mortgage Lenders, Title Companies, Attorneys, etc… so does Nekst!

A personal assistant comes with a hefty salary, takes weekends off and has occasional drama…. Nekst doesn’t have any of that

Stop keeping it all in your head and get yourself the most affordable assistant out there – Nekst!

Try Nekst!
“As a company we have been searching for a product to help our agents stay on task and be the best professionals they can be when they get busy. Nekst has been an outstanding tool that has helped keep our agents on time and on task with their buyers and sellers in such a simple way. It’s easy, straightforward and will be a requirement for agents in our company.”
– Pat Graham   Coldwell Banker | The Property Exchange