How to Use Nekst to Follow up with Leads!

Use Nekst to follow up with Buyer and Seller Prospects before they become a client!


Having a process for following up with buyer and seller leads is just as important as having a great system in place for closing out transactions. You can setup Nekst in the following way for new leads:


STEP 1: Create a Followup Action Plan to follow (e.g. “Connect with prospect on Social Media” – 1 Day after Start Date, “Call prospect to discuss setting up a portal” – 2 days after Start Date, “EMAIL TASK: Did you see these new homes just hit the market?”- 3 Days after Start Date)


STEP 2: Instead of the name of the Property, put in the name of the prospect as the title. Select your Followup Action Plan. Choose “Other” as the type of listing. Start Date = Today. End Date = Whenever you want to end the followup process (may not even be relevant)


STEP 3: Execute your daily tasks as they appear. Once the prospect becomes a Client/Listing/Pending, change the name of the property to “123 Main St”. Type = Pending Buyer. Action Plan = Buyer Closing Plan. Update your Start/End Dates.


With this method, you will be able to track a client from first contact through closing and beyond!


FOR NEKST PRO USERS ONLY: Want us to load a Buyer Follow up Action Plan in your account? Simply let us know in the comments below and we will hook you up!


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